Thank you for partnering with us through sponsorship!  You can sponsor an Iris child, a Kids Community family, or a Milk Program baby.  Select your choice below!

When you sponsor a child in our Madagascar center, you are sowing into his or her life through the Iris community.

None of the children that live with us are adoptable, so we get to be their family to raise and release them into their calling as men and women of God.

We provide these children with discipleship, education, housing, vocational training, fun activities, presents, food, clothing, medical treatment, love, hugs--all the same things you would provide for your own children. Your support allows us to do these things on a daily basis.

Because we care for our children as one big family, when you sponsor a child we will join your monthly gift with those of others to care for their needs together. You will still be connected with a specific child and receive their profile and sponsorship updates. The amount of your gift is determined by you as you pray and ask God how much He would have to you give.

In addition to your financial gift we appreciate your prayers. God is a redeemer and restorer of the broken and it is his desire that these children would thrive and become leaders in the Kingdom of God and in Madagascar. We expect every child to experience a deep relationship with God that brings total transformation and leads them into their destiny.

How to Sponsor

You can easily register as a sponsor through our Iris Global office in California.

To do this, simply click here for our Stop For The One-Madagascar page.

From there you can choose your child, the sponsorship amount you'd like to give every month and complete the checkout process. Your financial gift will then be sent to our base every month.

Anyone worldwide can register to sponsor a child.

For further information on any of the kids, sponsorship process or other ways of giving specifically to a child/need you can contact our Sponsorship Coordinator.

Sponsorship Coordinator:
Bonnie Davidson

A Kid's Community sponsor provides a family with:

  • Daily rice and lentils
  • School fees
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Special gifts for Christmas and Independence Day (June)

The cost to sponsor one family is $25 USD per month.  We will combine all the Kids Community sponsorship gifts to pay for the program, but you will be connected with a single family and receive a profile description.

If you have any questions, contact

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Providing milk formula for babies costs $50 per month. If you are interested in helping to sponsor a milk program baby, please visit Stop For The One-Madagascar. For questions contact:











Before Iris Madagascar began taking in children, it all began as a lunch time feeding program to reach the street kids and poorest of the poor in our own community.  Now, although we have many children, we still continue our lunch time feeding program reaching between 100 and 200 children daily, who have families, but might not otherwise eat during the day outside of the meal that we give them.

In poverty stricken families who cannot provide for their most basic needs, school is a luxury.  We want to see each of these children have their needs met daily, and also an opportunity to change their future through education.



Send a child in the community to school: 15.00 USD

Feed a child for one month on lunch program:  2.00 USD per month


A small gift can make a lifelong impact on a child's life!

Meet some of the children we are sending to school this year, and use the form below for any sponsorship inquiries!


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Lunch Pro Andrinirina
LunchPro Jean Michel
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Grade 6 Jean Michel, 14 Nancia, 15