In June 2016 we really felt Gods heart to launch a second Iris Global base in Mahajanga, on the North West Coast of Madagascar as we realized that there were many more people who needed help that we were not able to reach.
We have a beautiful house that we have prepared to be a home for orphaned children in Mahajanga, Madagascar and we currently have 9 amazing children living with us.  It is wonderful to watch the children transforming and blossoming as we are showering them in the Fathers love.
Before coming to us, some of these children had been living out in the open, so when they arrived it was the first time they had slept inside and it was a real novelty for them to sleep in a bed.  All of the children are thriving and we are so proud of how well they did in their first year at school, despite all the hardship they came out of the children either got first or second place in their class.
During our time here in Mahajanga we have been running an amazing feeding program every Tuesday where we can get anywhere between 80-120 children per week.  Each week the village children who are from really poor families get to hear a gospel presentation as well play games and eat a delicious bowl of rice and beans.  It is a joy to hear the children running home after the program through the village singing the songs of love to Jesus that we have taught them and teaching the songs and stories to their families.
This year we have had the joy of expressing the love of Jesus by building two homes as gifts for two extremely poor families in our village.  It was wonderful to see these two families spontaneously lift their hands and praise Jesus as we gave them a home.  We are hoping that in the days ahead we will have many more opportunities to help poor families in this way.
We are still in the early stages of our journey here in Mahajanga, but we are already amazed of the huge impact that is happening all around as we demonstrate the love of Jesus in simple and practical ways like feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, taking in the orphans.