Iris Global

Iris Ministries Madagascar is part of Iris Global, a worldwide mission movement in over 25 countries that is extending the kingdom of God with love and seeing the truth of the gospel backed up with power through miracles, signs, and wonders. In its various locations Iris Global is doing many types of ministry, but a common theme is the focus on children and the poor. In fact, Iris has a goal to reach 1,000,000 children.


Iris Global was originally founded in 1980 (click here to read more about the history of Iris Global). In 2008 God gave Caroline Thomas a vision of babies in Madagascar and a heart to start a new Iris center there. After consultation with Heidi Baker, Caroline began the preparation process to see this happen and God began calling others to join in the vision. In late 2010 Iris Ministries Madagascar was officially born. Without land or resources, a house was rented and the first four boys came off the street to live at the new center. That quickly grew to needing multiple houses for the children who live at the center and trusting God to provide even more resources for the many others who are served in the community. Iris Madagascar is a quickly growing ministry in a position of dependence and trust in God for provision and direction to see His mission fulfilled in the country.


  • Children’s Center
    Over 80 babies, boys, and girls live in ourcenter as part of our big happy family. We raise
  • Lunch Program
    Three times a week over 200 children from the community come to eat lunch with us. These children have homes and are able to go to school but are malnourished because of their poverty and may not eat that day if they weren’t with us. In addition to food, these kids receive discipleship teaching each day.
  • Milk Program
    Many babies in Madagascar are starving and some die because their mothers are malnourished and do not produce enough milk. To help with this we are providing milk formula for over 20 babies and helping them with medical treatment as well. These babies stay on the program until they are weaned and healthy.
  • Kids Community Program
    We serve over 80 children who have a family to live with but they are in such extreme poverty that the family is unable to care for even their most basic needs. For these children we provide food, school fees, and medical assistance.
  • House Church
    All of our children and staff gather together on Sunday mornings for a church service led by our staff. It is a joy to worship and learn from the Scriptures together.
  • Rubbish Dump
    One of our outreach programs takes us to the rubbish (garbage) dump each week. Each week is an adventure as we lead a children’s program and visit with people to see how God will help us build relationship and share the love of God with a desperate people.
  • Iris School
    Although we still don’t have any of our own land and buildings, we do have an elementary school that meets in the children’s home. Malagasy teachers come to teach in the school, and we are able to give a Christian education and additional help to students who come to us already behind in school. Once our students finish elementary school, they attend local private schools for high school.

These things represent a lot of the ministry that we do at Iris Madagascar, but God is always leading us into less organized ministry as well. We are excited to see how God will continue to allow us to be his hands and feet as we demonstrate love to the Malagasy people.

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