A Crown of Beauty

When you love someone, you wouldn’t dream of giving up on them. You keep praying, hoping, loving. One-year-old Lulu came into our lives last month in tragic circumstances. She had been brutally raped by her uncle in a case that shocked the presiding judge so much she drove 12 hours from the capital to the coast to visit the little girl in hospital. Lulu suffered extensive trauma and required surgery to form a colostomy and blood transfusions. She will need a further operation on her colostomy. Lulu’s recovery is slow because since this happened, she lacks interest in eating; it’s a struggle to encourage her to eat even small amounts. 

The courts asked Iris Madagascar to look after Lulu and her mother until Lulu was well enough to return home. Director Caroline Thomas said, “Lulu is really sad, she just lies there and stares at the wall. She refuses to swallow anything. She doesn’t talk, laugh, eat or play. Her mother says that before this happened, she was chubbier, happier and liked to eat and play. She desperately needs spiritual and physical healing.”

Lots of prayer and occupational therapy later and Lulu still looks fragile and sad. But we have seen a glorious occasional smile on her face. And not only that, her mother – previously involved in spiritualism – became a Christian shortly after she discovered she couldn’t call the witch spirits into her room at Iris. 

“A crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair” (Isaiah 61:3). That’s what we want for Lulu. We serve a God who redeems, restores, heals, lifts up, sets free. We will never stop fighting for Lulu because God never gives up on us. His light always overcomes darkness, his perfect love drives out fear. Please join us in prayer for Lulu, a precious girl we have grown to love so much.

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  1. Heather Morrell

    I wanted to tell LuLu’s Mother that I am praying for her and her daughter:”I can’t imagine the suffering you and your daughter have been through but I do know about life and healing in Jesus. I pray that His love will heal you both. May God provide for all your needs.”

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