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Last week, our family along with co-worker, Julio, took some rabbits out to the bush. There is a poor family living there who we’ve been helping with seeds to grow for food, as well as rice and lentils until the harvest comes. Now we’ve decided to give them rabbits. We bought two mama rabbits whose babies should grow and multiply quickly. Our hope is that these rabbits will be easy to keep, eating mostly grass, and then the family can sell some for a profit, eat some, and keep breeding them as a hopping little business. The family seemed very happy to have the rabbits. We were also able to give them a water filter that was donated to us from someone in Belgium. The water they drink comes from the rice fields and is loaded with bacteria, so the filter should improve their health. There are so many needs in this little bush village that we hope to continue to help, even if a little at a time.

Read more about the Lantz family and their adventures here in Madagascar at www.compelledtolove.com

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